Youth at Risk Housing Upgrade

Whitelion, Balga
Whitelion is a support service for highly at-risk young people. Whitelion WA operate from a converted residential house in the suburb of Balga and this site now requires modifications to cope with the increased demand for service delivery being required of the organisation. In the last 10 years, the staff contingent operating from the house has grown from 3 to 13 members originally helping about 30 young people and now helping over 100. The number of programs being delivered on site through Whitelion and other partner agencies has also increased and in addition to being the hub for the WA staff, the site is also used for youth education and cooking programs, art programs, tutoring services and Mobile GP consultations on a consistent basis.

To enable Whitelion to continue supporting young people at-risk and helping them achieve positive outcomes in life, consultation is sought with reputable providers who can guide and oversee the design and modification of works in order to create greater security and usability of the space.

Project Finished: Sept 2017MGA

Services Involved: Architect – Ecotect Architects

Quantity Surveyor – MGA McGarry Assoc.

About Whitelion

Whitelion is a national non-profit organisation that started in 1999 to help young people achieve change in their lives.

There are a lot of services for young people, but many simply do not reach or effectively engage the young people who need them the most. Whitelion provides this connection with a passionate team of professionals, volunteers and partners in the community and corporate worlds.

Whitelion breaks the cycle of disadvantage for thousands of young people every year with prevention programs, intensive support services and street outreach services.
The original house original was bought to house 3 staff assisting about 30 young people. We are now a staff of 13 helping over 100 youth. The house requires renovation to meet this increased activity effectively and allow the Whitelion to grow with the increasing needs of the community.

About the project

The ideals sought from the Project are assistance with the design and renovation of the premises to enable:

  • Increased paving areas for parking spaces for staff/young people/agency vehicles
    Increased shelter protection for agency vehicles
    Improved accessibility by people with disabilities (ie wheelchair access at entry)
    Increased office seating space for staff
    Addition of 1 more ‘private’ office/meeting room within the premises
    Increase security for protection (Security screens on doors/windows)
    Removal of internal kitchen space and replacement with increased office space
    Enclosure, modification and upgrade to outdoor kitchen area
    General maintenance and assessment of roof and sagging ceilings

Whats happening now

Whitelion is seeking funding for teh renovation.

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