Who we are

COLAB is a Perth based, not-for-profit organisation established in 2014 by a group of local engineers. Get to know us better!

Community organisations need infrastructure to do what they do.

We believe engineers & architects want to use their skills for social benefit.

We are enabling engineers and architects by connecting them to community organisations in need of their pro bono skills.

What we do

We provide a market place for engineers and architects to find community projects in need of their pro bono services.

For community organisations seeking project assistance, the COLAB’s Meeting Place offers a one-stop-shop providing convenient access to high quality design and construction services.

Our Vision

Architects and engineers have a strong culture of building social capital through pro bono work.

Our Mission

Create a market place where architects and engineers can leverage their skills by providing pro bono work on community projects.

How it works

Once you are registered with COLAB you can browse the meeting place to find a project or services that interest you. From there it is like all your other commercial services working relationships.

Who What How

Community organisations eligibility

COLAB focuses on not for profit organisation (as defined by the Australian Tax Office) as appropriate pro bono clients. These organisations have been relieved of their tax burden in recognition of the societal benefits they provide.

Professional Services eligibility

Companies must be registered with the Australian Tax Office and the appropriate professional association such as Engineers Australia, Australian Institute of Architects etc.