Patient First Community Information Booth

A need has been identified that would promote consumer engagement in health care services, and that would enhance the connection between the hospital environment and the community.

The intent is for the development of a Patient First/Community Information booth at the entrance to the Fiona Stanley Hospital. The purpose of the booth would be to:
Support consumers to return to community and access peer and clinical services to keep them well and out of hospital.

Gather feedback about their patient experience.
Address the high rate of return to hospitalisation and promote empowerment of self-management of chronic and non-chronic conditions via the distribution of current information.

 Project Finished: Sept 2017

Services Provided: Architecture – CCN

About ConnectGroups

Since 1983, we have provided practical assistance to both new and established groups to support their effective management and role in the community. ConnectGroups aims to help people help each other by providing Self Help and Support Groups with:

  • Links to community networks and information.
  • Assistance with group development and management.
  • Support with community resources and services.

  • Individual and group skills training.

ConnectGroups promotes the philosophy and practice of peer support throughout Western Australia. Fostering empowerment among Self Help and Support Groups allows people dealing with stressful life problems and situations to share their experiences and to offer emotional and practical support to one another.

About the project

ConnectGroups in partnership with the Health Consumer Council wish to provide a complimentary information service that will sit alongside the clinical service provided at the discharge point. The two NGO’s will support consumers to return to community and access both peer support services and clinical services to them well and out of hospital. It will also be an opportunity to gather feedback about their patience experience which will inform Fiona Stanley’s policies and procedures. The project has been welcomed by senior management of Fiona Stanley who have recognised its merits and favour the partnership model between a clinical service and the community sector.

Whats happening now

ConnectGroups is now seeking funding for the project.

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