How to Get Involved

Want to start getting involved in COLAB and the Pro Bono movement?

1. Get educated.
Have a read of our Business Case for Pro Bono and learn how beneficial pro bono work is for all involved!

2. Become a pro bono champion.
Start talking to your organisation, workplace, colleagues, family and friends about pro bono work, what it would mean for them and how you can change your community.

Join the Movement

Be a part of the pro bono movement!

COLAB needs your support to ensure communities have access to the best possible design and construction services.

How do you jump on board? Easy!

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The Difference between Pro Bono and Volunteering

As an individual it can be difficult to understand how your volunteer work is different to your pro bono work.

A volunteer for a community organisation, not-for profit or charity willingly performs services without being paid. Pro Bono is a little different to this. Pro bono work is professional work undertaken without payment (or at a reduced fee) for the public good.

The key difference is that Volunteering (including skilled volunteering) does not require professional indemnity insurance. That is, an individual’s volunteer work does not require a company to stand behind it. On the other hand, pro bono work entails the support of a business. This includes a business’s reputation, name and employees getting behind the work being done, ultimately it is the business who owns the risk.

What is your Pro Bono ‘Dream’?

Everyone either knows an engineer/architect/construction worker or someone who is a part of a great community organisation. COLAB wants you to tell us what pro bono work would look like in your life.

For some, pro bono work could mean a new roof for your local sporting club and for others this could mean being able to put your professional skills towards expanding an animal shelter. Whatever your passion, concept or idea is, COLAB wants to hear about it!

Tell us about your “dream” pro bono assignment or idea, be featured on our social media stream and take a step towards action!

How ‘You’ Benefit

In pro bono work, the Community Organisation benefits as well as the supporting Business. But want to know how You as an individual benefit?

“Apart from the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from doing work in the community, pro bono offers opportunities for individuals to acquire new skills and experiences that are directly applicable to their career”

In addition to new skills, individuals engaged with pro bono work experience larger networks both inside and outside their workplace as well as new opportunities to advance their career.