Nyoongar Cultural Learning Centre

Maalak Aboriginal Corporation,  Cranbrook, Great Southern, WA

The project is to develop the Maalak Visitors Precinct which will provide the:

  • Nyoongar Cultural Learning Centre
  • Self-contained & domartory style accomadation
  • cafe & restaurant, and
  • educational programs and local tours

This Centre provide local aboriginal tourism, it will increase the exchange of aboriginal knowledge and culture.

At this point the Maalak Aboriginal Corporation require a bush fire management plan for the rezoning/planning permitting progress that is currently underway.

Services Needed
  • Bush Fire Management
Services Already Involved

Nirrumbuk Skill Centre

Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, Broome WA

The Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation services members, member communities and indigenous people within the Kimberley with Cultural Development, Employment, Training, Sustainable Environmental Health, Social & Economic opportunities that assist in the achievement of self-sufficiency& self-management to obtain a better standard of living.

NAC is looking to establish a training centre that will accommodate up to 60 students, teachers and additional staff. To attain funding they require a conceptual design and costing.

Services Needed
  • Architect
Services Already Involved
  • N/A

Circus Equipment Structural Analysis

CircusWA, Fremantle

As not for profit a Community Circus one of the areas in which we provide training and perform is aerial circus acts. As part of our duty of care to participants we will on occasion have a need for the calculation of a WLL (working load limit) for support structures and apparatus. At the moment we have an Aerial Cube which a number of our trainees are keen to use and we would like to incorporate into training activities for our more advanced aerialists. We would like to have a WLL calculated for the cube so that it can be rigged in our Fremantle big top.

Services Needed
  • Structural Engineer
Services Already Involved
  • N/A

Fiztroy Crossing Domestic Violence Centre Renovation

Marninwarntikura Fitzroy Women’s Resource Centre, Fiztroy Crossing WA

Marninwarntikura is an Aboriginal organisation in remote Western Australia with vision “We strengthen the power of women and their families to create culturally rich, engaged and healthy lives for Indigenous peoples living in the Fitzroy Valley and beyond”. As part of the services Marninwarntikura provides, a women’s refuge shelter was established some 20 years ago. The shelter continues to be in operation 24 hours 7 days a week.

Marninwarntikura seeks to upgrade and renovate the shelter facility. The existing facility has some design features which continue to be serviceable. The structure is predominantly corrugated steel clad and is in reasonable condition. Because the design and structure are basically ok, our unqualified and amateur assessment is that the amount of design and construction/ renovation work is not considered to be extensive.

Services Needed
  • No services at the moment
Services Already Involved
  • Architect – Suzanne Hunt Architect

Aboriginal Medical Service Precinct

Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service, Broome WA

Initially Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (BRAMS) is putting together a prospectus for government and other agencies to fund a new BRAMS medical precinct/centre. We are seeking initially assistance to work with supply nation accredited builder, HM Tracey construction and BRAMS , to undertake preliminary design work and consider looking at initial site footprint.

Services Needed
  • No services at the moment
Services Already Involved
  • Architect – ArchiPlan
Sir David Brand School

Sir David Brand School Playground

Sir David Brand School, Coolbinia WA

Sir David Brand School is commencing the planning process to design an interactive, multi-purpose playspace for students with disability.

We have had preliminary discussions with architects who have previous experience in designing inclusive playgrounds. Although we are a small school our students have a diverse range of needs, abilities and interests. Our students are aged from 4 to 18.

The playspace we are looking to redevelop would need to serve many functions, including:

  • a safe play area with fixed play equipment
  • a welcoming space for whole school community functions
  • a safe area to practice bike riding skills

The current area is open to the elements. We would also be looking to design a structure that would provide shelter throughout the year.

Services Needed

None at the moment

Services Already Involved
  • Landscape Architect: Fiona Robbe
  • Survey: Pro West Surveying

Pilbara Domestic Violence Healing Centre

Aboriginal Male’s Healing Centre, Newman WA

The Aboriginal Male’s Healing Centre Strong Spirit Families Strong Culture (AMHC) plans to build the first specialist counselling centre for Indigenous perpetrators of domestic violence in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

It is a residential centre (28 bed) for perpetrators of family and domestic violence and a holistic outreach service with a focus on prevention and early intervention.

Services Needed
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Civil Engineer
  • Hydraulic Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Hydro- Geologist
  • Security Systems Consultant
  • Communication & Alarms Consultant
  • Energy Assessor
  • Landscape designer/Architect
  • Access Consultant
Services Already Involved
  • Project Management – pm+d Architects
  • Architect – Matthews McDonald Architects
  • Land Survey – STRUCterre Surveying

Stolen Generation Healing Centres

Bringing Them Home, Marribank, Roelands and Wandering WA

The missions Marribank, Roelands and Wandering, of the stolen generation and been developed into healing centres. The aim is to mend the damage done to the Aboriginal community adversely affected by policies and practices of separating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from their family, community, country and culture.

The project team is working with Stolen Generations survivor groups from several different missions to create Collective Healing Camps. Participants have seen these as being essential in providing community leadership of ways to survive past traumas.

Because of the differences between the experiences of each group as Stolen children each program has been adapted to individual group needs through the groups themselves.

Services Needed

Asbestos survey

Services Already Involved
  • Structural Engineering: BG&E
  • Quantity Surveying: McGarry Associates
  • Architects: Hassell Studio

Mandurah Homeless Accommodation

WestAust Crisis and Welfare Services, Mandurah WA

WestAus is developing a pilot project to help homeless people who are currently living in WestAus transitional accommodation. The project will provide a home unit to 28 people in Mandurah. The participants will own the units and their repayments will create equity in the property and establish them on a path to home ownership.

Each of the participants will be provided a full time job.

WestAus will manage the units and provide the HR services to guide the participants through the process.

Assistance is sought from an architectural firm to develop the concept of an apartment complex of up to 14 units, built from recycled sea containers.

The project will take 24 people every 1-2 years off the street and enable them to live independently.

Services Needed
  • Construction
Services Already Involved
  • Architect – Archiplan
Rotary District 9455 Western Australia

All Abilities All Ages Play Space

This play space provides opportunity for all to meet, play, socialise and use play equipment:

  • Bring families together including those with disabilities
  • Intergenerational, bringing together people of all ages and abilities.
Services Needed
  • Construction
Services Already Involved
  • Architecture – Architects of Arcadia
  • Engineering – Wood & Grieve
  • Project Management – City of Nedlands