Health Centre Building Asessment

Fremantle Women’s Health Centre, Fremantle WA

FWHC is a not-for-profit community health centre for women living and working in Fremantle, Cockburn and Melville regions. We provide healthcare to those who are otherwise unable to equitably access positive health outcomes through mainstream services. We provide a range of health promotion, prevention and treatment services in the area of women’s health. Staff and facilitators are experienced, caring, female health professionals – doctors, nurses, counsellors and health educators.

The organisation owns the site which was originally a residential property with several old buildings but little understanding of the history of the buildings. It would be ideal to have an inspection conducted to know the current state of the property and identify any maintenance and repairs needs in the short and longer term as well as what constraints there would be for renovation.

  • Services Already Involved:

Flagpoles for Reconciliation – Foundation Assessment

UnitingCare West, Victoria Park

Uniting Care West’s mission is to work with people and communities so those most in need can belong and thrive.

UnitingCare West has received money to install 3 flag poles from which they will fly Australian and Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander flags to promote reconciliation and patriotism. The Wanneroo Council requires engineering sign off on the flagpole footings (as per the manufactures instructions) before they issue permission.

Services provided:
  • Civil Engineer – ENGenuity Engineering

Refugee Advocacy & Support Office Renovation

The Humanitarian Group, West Perth

The Humanitarian Group advocates and educates refugees. There vision is an inclusive community where people new to Australia from disadvantaged and culturally diverse backgrounds understand their rights and are treated equally and with dignity.

The Humanitarian Group relocated to the City West Lottery West Building. They wish to create a warm and welcoming environment for their clients and a productive place for their staff.

Services provided by:
  • MSG Architects

Tour group/Volunteer head quarters

Greener Pastures Farm Animal Sanctuary is becoming more popular. We are experiencing an increase in visitors, volunteers and tour groups particularly for the purposes of animal therapy eg: schools, ASeTTS, Alzheimers WA , Disability Services etc. and the numbers continue to rise.

We required a dedicated sheltered area for these visitors. COLAB provided us with a structural engineer that enabled us to get our plans through council.

We are now building our shelter.


New Toilet Block Review

Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre
Imagine you participate in horse riding therapy to help with your disability. The unfortunate thing is the riding centre does not have disabled toilets, so the length of your session is restricted because of this.  This is the position for clients of the Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre (CTRC).


Youth at Risk Housing Upgrade

Whitelion is a support service for highly at-risk young people. Whitelion WA operate from a converted residential house in the suburb of Balga and this site now requires modifications to cope with the increased demand for service delivery being required of the organisation. In the last 10 years, the staff contingent operating from the house has grown from 3 to 13 members originally helping about 30 young people and now helping over 100.

A site renovation has been design by ecotech Architects and QS McGarry Associates has costed the upgrade. enabling Whitelion to now seek grant money.

Holy Oake

Head Office Renovation

Holy Oake, Victoria Park WA

Holyoake, the Australian not for profit for alcohol and drug addiction resolutions. Holyoake deliver counselling services to around 2000 clients per year and includes the corporate and social enterprise staff.

Their WA head office at 75 Canning Hwy requires a retrofit as it no longer meets their growing needs for counselling, Social Enterprise and the corporate teams.

Services provided:
  • Designer/Builder: Interite Corporate Interiors
  • Structural Engineer: Atelier JV
  • Architect: Oldfield & Knott

RNLD Office & training facilities upgrade

Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity, Melbourne Vic

RNLD delivers services & training that helps to provide healing for the suffering and distress that comes from having lost an Indigenous language. The Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander communities we work with (across Australia) are striving to find solutions to alleviate the loss of self esteem and identity that comes from being alienated from cultural heritage and loss of language.

Interite Corporate Interiors has come up with a renovation plans.