Tour group/Volunteer head quarters

Greener Pastures Farm Animal Sanctuary is becoming more popular. We are experiencing an increase in visitors, volunteers and tour groups particularly for the purposes of animal therapy eg: schools, ASeTTS, Alzheimers WA , Disability Services etc. and the numbers continue to rise.

We required a dedicated sheltered area for these visitors. COLAB provided us with a structural engineer that enabled us to get our plans through council.

We are now building our shelter.


New Toilet Block Review

Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre
Imagine you participate in horse riding therapy to help with your disability. The unfortunate thing is the riding centre does not have disabled toilets, so the length of your session is restricted because of this.  This is the position for clients of the Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre (CTRC).


Youth at Risk Housing Upgrade

Whitelion is a support service for highly at-risk young people. Whitelion WA operate from a converted residential house in the suburb of Balga and this site now requires modifications to cope with the increased demand for service delivery being required of the organisation. In the last 10 years, the staff contingent operating from the house has grown from 3 to 13 members originally helping about 30 young people and now helping over 100.

A site renovation has been design by ecotech Architects and QS McGarry Associates has costed the upgrade. enabling Whitelion to now seek grant money.


RNLD Office & training facilities upgrade

Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity, Melbourne Vic

RNLD delivers services & training that helps to provide healing for the suffering and distress that comes from having lost an Indigenous language. The Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander communities we work with (across Australia) are striving to find solutions to alleviate the loss of self esteem and identity that comes from being alienated from cultural heritage and loss of language.

Interite Corporate Interiors has come up with a renovation plans.



A Place to Heal Labyrinth Design & Costing

ConnectGroups is creating a healing labyrinth within the natural environment of Wireless Hill in the City of Melville to be a place of reflection and healing.. Landscape Architects UDLA have developed the concept plan and initial costings pro bono for ConnectGroups.


Staff Room & Ablution Block Design & Costing

Caversham Training & Education Centre
Caversham Training and Education Centre offers a venue that re-engages disengaged youth aged between 14-19 years in vocational training and enterprise ventures. CTEC has no staff room or staff ablution block. This makes it difficult for the teachers to prepare for class or have downtime. This project provided design and costing for these facilities allowing CTEC to fund raise.